Seward, Neb.

Project Description

Serviceship interns in Seward County will be developing a welcoming and engagement program for new permanent residents and temporary visitors. This includes working with local businesses to create a fresh first impression of the community. Seward County’s secondary project is assisting in the development of groundwork for establishing a Seward County Foundation, as well as working on Seward County’s first cultural festival.

Host Team

  • Jonathan Jank (Lead)
  • Vikki Gremel
  • Gary Rolf
  • Clark Kolterman
  • Suzanne Gligorevic
  • Megan Kahler


Raghav Kidambi

Hometown: Chennai, India
Campus: University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Major: Human Resource Management

Maddie Miller

Hometown: Waverly, NE
Campus: University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Major: Hospitality, Restaurant & Tourism Management

The Latest

June 8, 2018

Our time at the Seward County Chamber has been reasonably productive so far. We met with many community stakeholders over the past week and a half, which has been extremely insightful to make meaningful progress towards achieving our primary project goals of creating a sustainable engagement initiative for Seward County. Meeting these stakeholders and community members one-on-one gave us the knowledge of the various opinions that community members have. This then lead to the filtering of opinions which enabled us to come up with tangible output plans.

We hope to be able to collaborate with community members, stakeholders and local businesses to be able to pull off the event that we are in the process of creating. We are very excited to, and yet a tad bit nervous about putting up this event. The nervousness stems from the possibility of a minimal turnout for the event, but that does not equate to having to give up on our marketing efforts. We believe that persistent and strategic marketing and coordination will help us achieve our goals.

All Week Three Updates

May 25, 2018

We are working with the Seward County Chamber & Development Partnership (SCCDP) under the mentorship of Jonathan Jank. Our primary project is to develop a sustainable Seward County Newcomers program that will engage new permanent residents and many visitors to Seward County each year. We are also teaming up with local businesses to determine how to attract new customers and to take a fresh look at Seward County to determine what first impressions newcomers have of local communities.

We have specifically started to narrow down our goals for the summer. We will be trying to reach out to newcomers and get more information on how we can make Seward County “sticky.” Some of the questions we will ask members of the community include: “What attracted you to move to Seward?” and “How was your experience moving into Seward? What went great? What could have been better?” We will also try to reach out to leaders of surrounding communities such as Milford, Utica, Bee and Cordova. We also know that the lack of housing has been a problem in Seward County. We are trying to find out the necessary information that can help retain newcomers to staying in Seward County in the long term. Conducting surveys or simply setting up meetings with new families and people to the community may solve this.

All Week One Updates