Red Cloud, Neb.

Project Description

Serviceship interns in Red Cloud will be creating a strategic marketing and economic development plan to fulfill the Heritage Tourism Development Initiative. This will include working to pass LB840 and increasing visibility of the Red Cloud brand. Red Cloud’s secondary projects will include tourism, event facilitation, and housing and nuisance property cleanup.

Host Team

  • Jarrod McCartney (Lead)
  • Ashley Olson
  • Dennis Hansen
  • Gary Ratzlaff
  • Jay Hall
  • Justin Armstrong
  • Liz Rasser


Trenton Buhr

Hometown: Cortland, NE
Campus: University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Major: Political Science, Psychology, & Classics

Trevor Harlow

Hometown: Waterloo, NE
Campus: University of Nebraska at Omaha
Major: Political Science & Environmental Studies

The Latest

June 1, 2018

As a whole, most of the week was spent getting introduced to the town’s assets and stakeholders. For our task, this is a very important step because these people live and breath the problems of the community that we were sent here to help solve. We can already tell that the city has a lot going for it. There are many well organized groups who are trying to improve the town in many ways from tourism to athletics to housing. In the coming weeks we will be seeing a lot of these people and some new faces as we try to pin down the problem(s) that we want to help solve. We can already see a lot of the big issues. But, it is also a matter of understanding the limit of our influence both in direction for the town and financially.

“Although we have barely scratched the surface of our project here in Red Cloud, I can already feel the work Trenton and I are doing impact the community in a positive way. We are continuing to grow and learn from the people in this community, and by the time we are done this summer I know we will have gained an amazing and unique perspective that will carry us even further in our careers and life,” Trevor said.

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