KEYNOTE: Preparing Students for an Unimagined Future

Schroeder presents to large crowd at EducationQuest conference


RFI Founding Executive Director Chuck Schroeder keynoted the 2018 College Access Symposium hosted by EducationQuest on April 12 in Lincoln, Neb.

The event provided strategies and best practices designed to increase the number of students who pursue education beyond high school. Attendees included high school, middle school, agency and college professionals.

In addressing the gathering of more than 200 attendees Schroeder started by asking:

“What future do we want to create?”

The answer, he said, lies in developing future-focused, hopeful leaders for generations to come.

Calling upon the RFI belief statements, Schroeder highlighted the importance of creativity and inclusion as we seek a thriving combined future.


He focused his discussion of creativity on the work of Richard Florida, American urban studies theorist focusing on social and economic theory. Florida can be found on Twitter at @Richard_Florida.

Access Richard Florida’s 2014 publication, “The Creative Class and Economic Development via Sage Journals »


Creativity Connects slide


“We must create leaders who contribute to a community of creative talent to create the world they want in our unimagined future,” Schroeder said.

One example he provided was the work of Sha Xin Wei from Arizona State University, which demonstrates how seemingly disparate disciplines can be integrated in order to create societal solutions that are sustainable against shifting human and world conditions.


Sha Xin Wei


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