Norfolk, Neb.

Project Description

The primary project will focus on capturing the story of how a particular business in Norfolk is investing 10% of their gross revenues into their employees and the community, including the creation of a permanent charitable endowment and a goal of investing $50 million through Daycos4Good by 2028. As this philanthropic program evolves, the students will be capturing the story using video, written testimony and web content will allow it to be shared with others who may wish to do the same. It is a unique approach to rural philanthropy and community and personal development that may help others to capture assets that exist in all communities.

A second project will be to create a marketing strategy for the Norfolk area that unites, educates and promotes retail and service opportunities. The students will work to create a plan that guides us as we strive to provide a positive experience for customers, visitors and businesses that contribute to a robust and forward moving economy.

Host Team

  • Tammy Day (Lead)
  • Traci Jeffrey
  • Anders Olson
  • Brandon Day
  • Mark Zimmerer
  • Candice Alder


Cheyenne Gerlach

Hometown: DeWitt, NE
Campus: University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Major: Integrated Sciences

Samantha Guenther

Hometown: Crofton, NE
Campus: University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Major: Agricultural Education

The Latest

June 1, 2018

Cheyenne Gerlach and Samantha Guenther are in Norfolk for their RFI serviceship. For the first five weeks, we are working to tell the story of Daycos. Daycos is unique in that they are a for-profit AND for-good business. It is our job to capture what Daycos does, how they do it, and why they do it in hopes of informing and inspiring others to possibly do the same. The overarching goal of our project with Daycos is to come up with a way to re-brand Daycos’ for-good movement, Daycos4Good, as simply intertwined with Daycos as a whole. We will be creating video, web content, and written publications to help portray this message.

For the second five weeks, we are working to promote the retail and service sector of the Norfolk community for the visitors bureau. We will be acting as “secret shoppers” to get an inside scoop on how business owners and employees are welcoming and promoting Norfolk through their business. We will also be doing a “windshield assessment” of businesses in Norfolk to gain a better understanding of how it can be improved. Then, we will be working to help make those improvements to strengthen the retail and service sector.

For our day to day tasks during the past two weeks, something that we have started doing every Tuesday is creating a set of objectives and goals for the week. This means that we created the first set of goals our second day on the ground in Norfolk. These goals are hung in our office and in our homes so that both of us go to bed and wake up thinking about what we all need to get done by Tuesday. This has been a great experience and has really impressed the people that we are working with. We have wasted no time “acclimating” to Norfolk or planning our work. We’ve jumped in feet first, and it has really helped us in the long run.

All Week Two Updates