Neligh, Neb.

Project Description

Serviceship interns in Neligh will conduct a regional mapping study on Neligh, Antelope County, and the greater Northeast Nebraska region. The mapping report will highlight demographics, SWOT assessments, current and future economic trends, infrastructure reports, geography, and identify technologies for integration into Neligh’s “Responsive City” movement. This report will be used to shape the projects within Neligh’s strategic planning process. Neligh’s secondary project is the creation of social media content for Antelope County that focuses on the region’s community activities, the promotion of Neligh and Antelope County as a place to live and grow a business, and the creation of templates for future marketing materials.

Host Team

  • Gabriel Steinmeyer (Lead)
  • Lauren Sheridan-Simonsen
  • Melissa Smith
  • Matt Goracke
  • Abigail Frank
  • Brad Averill


Michayla Goedeken

Hometown: Humphrey, NE
Campus: University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Major: Integrated Sciences

Rhiannon Cobb

Hometown: Omaha, NE
Campus: University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Major: Political Science & Global Studies

The Latest

June 8, 2018

For the past two weeks, we have been working on finishing up our mapping reports, as well as finding host homes for Tour-de-Nebraska. We recently finished the Neligh report, and we’re about a third of the way done with the report for Northeast Nebraska. Additionally, we created a small marketing campaign containing a flyer and social media posts for Facebook to entice people to volunteer their homes for Tour-de-Nebraska.

There is a serious housing shortage in Neligh because there are many short-term workers flooding the housing system because of all of the wind towers going up around town. Since most of the people that would open their houses for Tour-de-Nebraska have already rented them out, we came up with the idea to incentivize homeowners. The first five people to open up their house will receive gift certificates which were donated by local businesses. Additionally, we printed out flyers and delivered them door to door to get the word out. We also started setting up recording times with community members for marketing videos for Neligh.

All Week Three Updates

May 25, 2018

Michayla volunteering at the Thriftway Market Burger Bash.

This week was not a typical week for us. We started off on Monday morning doing administration work such as filling out confidentiality agreements, I9 information and going through screenings. Later that day, we went on a walking tour of the downtown business district. We met countless active members of boards and business owners. That evening we sat in on a meeting with Nebraska Community Foundation and the Neligh Community Foundation. Neligh is trying to decide on whether the community should become a part of NCF or not. They do a lot of projects, and the next biggest one they have in mind is renovating the old movie theater in town to get it functional again.

On Wednesday, we had the cool opportunity to travel to Beatrice for a Nebraska Main Street conference. There we heard from economic developers, both private and public, about projects that are going on around the state and learned of funding opportunities for projects. While we were there a discussion occurred where the question was posed, “How do we get young people to come back to rural Nebraska?” It was interesting to see how different generations viewed that challenge differently and had vastly different solutions that could work, some we agreed with some we did not. On Thursday we worked in the office as well as attended a City Council informational meeting about the nursing home in Neligh. There recently has been some controversy around management so the city is considering leasing the building. On Friday we served burgers at the Thriftway Market Burger Bash.

All Week One Updates