NCRCRD Webinar: Assessment of Tribal Natural Resources Needs & Services

Assessment of Tribal Natural Resources Needs and Services: Transforming Governance, Management, and Sovereignty in the Upper Great Lakes

Jubin Cheruvelil, Michigan State University
July 18, 2016 | 3:00 PM Eastern Time

About the webinar:

Tribal communities are the stewards of vast rural areas in the Upper Great Lakes. Communities are responsible for the management of Tribal owned lands and the co-management of vast ceded and treatied territories. They face considerable challenges given the dependence on the natural and land resources juxtaposed with rapid environmental and economic changes taking place. Very little effort has been made to assess rural Tribal needs for resource management and governance. In order to understand these challenges, I employed interviews, inter-tribal surveys, and periodical and policy analysis to assess these roadblocks.

The alignment with federal standards also presents mismatches between Tribal and federal standards, regulations, and values of the environment. A better understanding of these mismatches and road blocks can provide a better road map for sovereign approaches that serves both short and long-term natural resources and community wellbeing in the Upper Great Lakes rural communities.

Presented by: Jubin J. Cheruvelil, Ph.D., Dr. Cheruvelil is an anthropologist and behavioral ecologist who studies role and relationships of Indigenous and marginalized communities and the use of natural resources and landscapes. Specifically, he is interested in the linkages between governance, livelihoods, and community well-being. He employs decision-making and critical theories, and mixed methods (qualitative and quantitative) in his research. His overall research program explores three key themes 1) indigenous resource commons and policy, 2) Indigenous knowledge, behavior and well-being and 3) Indigenous landscape history and change.

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