YouRhealth: Youth are Rural Health Program

Teaching & Engagement, 2016


YouRhealth is a new innovative and bold initiative that creates a learning community that includes civic engagement by transforming Lexington High School’s (LHS) freshman health course into a rigorous visual literacy/critical thinking/community engagement environment. This project will implement the YouRhealth program that teaches freshman high school students to be community health educators by developing and presenting multimedia public health campaigns to their family and friends, as well as provide NU students civic engagement opportunities in a predominately minority community.


Kim Matthews (PI), Minority Health Disparities Initiative, University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Tom Coviello (Co-PI), Lexington High School
Erin Poor (Co-PI), Sheldon Art Museum


Christy Kosmicki, Art & Art History, University of Nebraska at Kearney
Sharon Baker, College of Nursing, University of Nebraska Medical Center
Maria Reyes, Lexington Regional Health Center
Josie Rodriguez, Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Health Disparities & Health Equity

Contact: Kim Matthews,