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2018 RFI Student Serviceship Host Community Application

Rural Futures Institute Student Serviceship connects communities to college students and students to rural communities, leaders and mentors.

A hybrid between service learning and traditional internships, "serviceships" provide communities with tangible results on important self-defined projects while giving students resume-building work and insight into the career and life opportunities in rural places. In this unique experience, intern pairs directly support community-wide, often serving as the link between many entities to get long-desired projects done.

The Rural Futures Institute (RFI) trains students and provides support and guidance throughout this experience. All participants learn and share on behalf of rural community growth.

Applications accepted August 15- November 15, 2017.
Contact Kayla Schnuelle, RFI Leadership Engagement Director, if you have questions, kschnuelle@nebraska.edu.

* Community or Community of Practice:

* Primary Intern Mentor: (summer supervisor)

* When mentoring an intern, what do you consider as important parts of your role?

* What are your roles within the community? (Organization, Boards, Community Leadership)

* Email Address

* Address Line 1

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* City

* State

* Phone Number

* Zip Code:


Please identify 4 to 6 people from your community who will craft the project plan for the students. These people should represent your community's diversity (age, gender and ethnicity) as well as business and industry partners and serve as support people for the students during the summer. The host team is not responsible for the day-to-day supervision of the interns.

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Mailing Address

City, State, Zip


Students need a space to work that includes basic office supplies, computers and printers. Oftentimes students have their own laptop; however, it is helpful to know what the options might be in your community.

* Office host organization:

* Office Address:

Office Phone Number:


Students need free, safe and comfortable housing while in your community. Ideally it would be a dorm room suite, long-term care apartment (assisted living facility), small studio apartment or house.

* Housing location and description:

* Does this space have WIFI?

* Does this space have a computer or computers for the interns?


Students will be in the community for 10 weeks and will plan to work 40 hours per week. Most students will be able to handle multiple projects but need clearly defined outcomes. Please make sure to prioritize the projects for the students. There should be one 'focus project' and then a few secondary projects if students work faster than anticipated. It is also an expectation that students attend community activities (i.e. county fairs, festivals...etc.) and have flexibility to meet community members.

(approximately 70% of interns time should be spent here)

* Describe the project. (200 words or less)

* How does this project fit with your overall community vision/plan?

* What are the projects major objectives or components?

* What are potential deliverables for this project? (website, marketing campaign, community assessment...etc)

* How would you measure success for this project?

What other projects might the interns work on while they are in your community? (approximately 30% of intern's time)

* Please list up to three additional projects. Click 'Add' to put a second project.
Project description

Possible deliverables

Success indicators


* List ideas of how the interns might engage and serve in your community. (Examples: festivals, community opera house, volunteer day, county fair...etc.)


* Which community organization will the interns primarily be working with?

This is a paid internship experience for the students and the hosting organization will need to have the ability to pay interns throughout the summer. The combined intern payment is: $8000 for two interns working 10 weeks (May 21-August 1, 2018).

* Do you have funding identified for the intern stipends?

If yes, please elaborate.

* Where did you hear about the RFI Student Serviceship opportunity?

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