Enhancing Nebraska’s Ecotourism Industry

Research & Engagement, 2016


Private-lands nature-based tourism can provide many benefits to stressed rural areas. This project will focus on international best practices in Namibia that can help Nebraska’s emerging ecotourism industry grow into world leaders in private-lands ecotourism.

Project Team


  • Charles Bicak, Senior Vice Chancellor, University of Nebraska at Kearney
  • Nils Odendaal, Chief Executive Officer, Namibrand Nature Reserve Namibia
  • Richard Yoder, Sustainability Coordinator, University of Nebraska at Omaha College of Business
  • Viktoria Keding, Director, Namib Desert Environ. Education Trust Namibia
  • Peter Longo (RFI Fellow), Professor of Political Science, University of Nebraska at Kearney; Editor, Great Plains Research
  • Larry Swanson, Director, OConnor Center for the Rocky Mountain West University of Montana


Contact: Richard Edwards, redwards@unl.edu