Ending Mental Health Stigma & Promoting Mental Health Among Rural Nebraska College and University Students

Teaching & Engagement, 2017


The growing shortage of mental health professionals in rural areas, alongside the rising number of rural college and university students who experience mental health difficulties, calls for a comprehensive public health approach to addressing underlying causes of mental illness and related stigma. It also calls for a focus on equipping students with resiliency skills that lay the foundation for growing strong and healthy minds. In collaboration with faculty and students at Wayne State College, the team seeks to develop and implement a promising mental health promotion curriculum aimed at addressing stigma and alleviating mental health difficulties among college and university students in Nebraska through civic engagement, health education and advocacy.


Sonja Franziska Tutsch, Graduate Student, University of Nebraska Medical Center, Rural Health Education Network
Howard Liu, University of Nebraska Medical Center, Behavioral Health Education Center of Nebraska
Shinobu Watanabe-Galloway, University of Nebraska Medical Center, College of Public Health


Monica Snowden, Wayne State College, Sociology

Contact: Sonja Tutsch, russellsf@unmc.edu