Connecting Young Nebraskans

Connecting Young Nebraskans (CYN) is a statewide network designed to connect, empower and retain young Nebraskans. CYN strives to enhance opportunities for individuals to impact their communities through networking and learning experiences. The network is a dynamic and diverse group of peers with a passion for making a difference, a willingness to learn and the desire to build important relationships to help shape the future of Nebraska.Each year CYN has an annual summit to engage young Nebraskans and give them an opportunity to meet others from across the state.

CYN believes:

Change is difficult, especially on a statewide level and it takes decades. The relationships and ideas that will shape what Nebraska looks like in 20 years must begin today and continue by encompassing the generations that are to follow. In creating these ideas through CYN, we are able to understand and respect our differences while working towards a unified goal of becoming a great state to live and work.

In April 2011, the Lincoln Young Professionals Group awarded CYN the 2011 YPG Statewide Award. Recognizing individuals or groups that are making a difference on a statewide level, this is CYN’s first award.

The People :: “CYNers”

Started in 2009, CYN already has over 400 members from across the state. While members come from a variety of professions, all have a passion for making a difference and the desire to build important relationships.

The suggested age of CYNers is 21-40, but we encourage people of all ages to join. With no membership fees, there is no reason not to connect with other young Nebraskans!

What can you do?

  1. Sign-up to receive emails from CYN. Email your information to
  2. Tip us off about a project, event or issue that you think will interest CYNers.
  3. Forward this webpage to someone who might be interested in CYN.
  4. Stay tuned! We anticipate that the next few years will be an exciting time with new ideas and initiatives.

For more information, contact Kayla Schnuelle, 402-472-2935,



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