Columbus, Neb.

Project Description

Serviceship interns in Columbus will be splitting time between the Columbus Area Future Fund and Columbus Area Chamber of Commerce. They will be integral to the Future Fund’s “Toward a Bolder Future Campaign” this summer, assisting with marketing, event planning, and administration. For the Columbus Area Chamber, the interns will be planning and organizing local activities for Young Nebraskans Week, engaging local partners in opportunities to educate, challenge, and entertain participants. This project is critical to talent attraction and retention in Columbus and throughout the state.

They will also research options to market the Columbus region nationally as a place to live and work, using the “Something Good Columbus” brand. They will lead the charge to create, sell, and promote a universal community calendar related to the community brand, organize summer activities for other interns and also help facilitate committees and chamber events to include Columbus Days and Red, White, KaBoom.

Host Team

  • K.C. Belitz (Lead)
  • Kara Asmus
  • Rick Chochon
  • Pat Heimes
  • Sandie Fischer


Clayton Keller

Hometown: Millersport, OH
Campus: University of Nebraska at Omaha
Major: Public Administration

Amber Ross

Hometown: Callaway, NE
Campus: University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Major: Agribusiness

The Latest

June 1, 2018

Columbus: small town; big things. We started the week with back to back meetings and networking. We met many of the communities leaders and were able to learn about our projects for the summer. It was a long day and we were running on fumes, but our hosts, the Columbus Area Chamber of Commerce and the Columbus Area Future Fund, were able to come together and provide us with a “Get to Know the Newbies” Dinner. It was a welcome meal as we had spent the day adding to the ever growing list of projects. Throughout the dinner we were able to speak with the mayor, the chairman of the Chamber Board of Directors, and the president of the Columbus Area Future Fund. We were also dining with a journalist from the Wall Street Journal, as she was in town gathering information for a piece on the growing need for rural housing.

And let’s not forget about our own thoughts and impressions. Columbus is new territory for us, and with that comes first impressions.We have also been impressed with the people that we have met. We have met a lot of different people but they have all sung the same tune—there is something good going on here. We have both really enjoyed meeting the key community players that work every day to improve Columbus, and we’ve been impressed by the quantity and quality of these key players in the community as well.

Clayton and Amber were featured in The Columbus Telegram. Read their article >>>

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