Catch Up With Chuck Episode 23 High-Touch Entrepreneurship with Engler Entrepreneur Brooke Lehman


Apr. 20, 2018

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Engler Agribusiness Entrepreneurship Program senior, Brooke Lehman joins us for today’s recorded episode of Catch Up With Chuck. Brooke’s business, Dwell Dinner & Co. provides long-table dinner gatherings that take place within a dwelling. Dwell Dinner & Co. was conceptualized by connecting her passions and talents for healthy cooking, photography, and bringing people together in a really meaningful way.

Lehman is passionate about connecting people and giving them a place to share their stories. Her Dwell Dinners are a community event where people can share their passions with those they have never met through a once-a-month dinner that takes place at Lehman’s home is a compilation of recipes, ideas, quotes, photos and other forms of inspiration Lehman has selected.

Dwell Dinner & Co. recently earned Lehman runner up at a pitch competition hosted by the Nebraska College of Business. Dwell Dinner & Co. caught the attention of the judges of the New Enterprise Competition because of her ability to tell its story and the differentiating factors of the entrepreneurial venture.

“More than ever, companies are needing to cultivate a culture that is connected.”

-Brooke Lehman


The Rural Future Institute’s goal is to achieve a “Thriving High-Touch, High-Tech Future for Nebraska and the Great Plains by 2040.” Lehman is a great example of being committed to creating positive change on the high-touch side of the future and our society.


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