Broken Bow, Neb.


Project Description

Custer Economic Development Corporation (CEDC), the Broken Bow Chamber of Commerce, the City of Broken Bow and the Melham Memorial Medical Center have partnered to create cornerstone projects for the Broken Bow community. The two overarching projects are:

  • Assisting CEDC’s business committee in establishing a YMCA in Broken Bow. A project group has been formed and is looking to make progress during the summer in determining the feasibility of establishing a YMCA. The initiative has picked up steam recently with support from the Melham Memorial Medical Center, which currently provides a wellness center in the community.
  • Exploring opportunities for tourism development based on occasions that have untapped potential for driving the economy of Broken Bow forward as well as accommodating another group of tourists.


Host Team

  • Andrew Ambriz
  • Deb McCaslin


Leanne Gamet

Hometown: Paxton, NE
Campus: University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Major: Agricultural & Environmental Sciences Communication

Jessica Weeder

Hometown: Albion, NE
Campus: University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Major: Agribusiness

The Latest

June 1, 2018

We have both been very busy here in the community of Broken Bow! Both with working on major projects and a few smaller ones here and there. Our first week consisted of meeting a multitude of people and setting up coffee talks with the community. Our plan there is to reach out residents for their opinion on recreational opportunities here in Broken Bow.  We have started working on tourism and getting in contact with potential partners in Sturgis and surrounding areas in South Dakota. Another smaller project has been contacting television stations to get a ‘Through My Eyes’ promotional commercial about Broken Bow out across the state. We have learned a lot about cold calling Nebraska TV stations and getting campaigns put together to run this ad. Two smaller projects we are taking on by ourselves include making Custer County Leadership Certified and a Livestock Friendly County.

Both of us are really looking forward to involving ourselves in the local culture by participating in more festivities and celebrations throughout the summer!

Leanne and Jessica discuss the community coffee talks they’re hosting live on the air for 92.3 KBEAR.

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