Black Hills Energy

Project Description

Black Hills Energy’s pilot Serviceship began in April, addressing its community and government relations needs on a statewide and regional level. Projects include assisting with employee advocacy and communications planning, Nebraska community giving strategy, and natural gas safety outreach plan for college students.

Host Team

  • Melissa Garcia (Lead)
  • Brandy Johnson
  • Jill Becker
  • Alisa Neff


Emily Coffey

Hometown: Lincoln, NE
Campus: University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Major: Political Science

The Latest

June 1, 2018

Unlike the other RFI Serviceships taking place throughout the state this summer, my experience with Black Hills Energy has been in progress since the beginning of April. My experience is also unique in that, because Black Hills is a regional natural gas provider, my work deals with the company’s priorities at a statewide and regional level.

I’m fortunate to have started my Serviceship while the Nebraska legislature was still in session because it gave me the opportunity to accompany my lead mentor to the capitol on one of the legislature’s final and busiest days. It was really fascinating to see the lobbying process firsthand, and helped me to understand the importance of educating and working with elected officials on issues that have implications for the utility. Each year there are a number of legislative bills that have the potential to affect the ability of Black Hills’ customers and employees to safely access affordable natural gas.

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