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Get a Business Card and Use it Effectively

October 19, 2017
First off, networking is interacting with another person. I commonly think of networking as a face-to-face interaction with someone you most likely don’t know. It is a way to create a link between you and that other person. A business card is a professional way of sharing printed contact information with that new connection. Continue reading
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Why Taking Time to Plan Pays Off

October 12, 2017
As somewhat of a professional planner, here are three steps I’ve found to be the most helpful: Continue reading
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Young Professionals and their Powerful Rural Impact

October 5, 2017
First of all, I think the term “young professional” gets misused frequently. Many young workers across the state (and country) don’t necessarily see themselves as professionals if they are not sitting in an office or wearing a suit and tie. We like to think of young professionals as a group of like-minded individuals who come together for a common focus and conversation on issues specific to our demographic, regardless of profession. Continue reading
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