Alliance, Neb.

Project Description

Alliance’s Serviceship interns will be working in conjunction with NU’s Extension to implement the Marketing Hometown America project in Box Butte County. The interns will have the opportunity to enhance the community’s marketing strategy by developing taglines, utilizing social media, and creating videos that showcase the opportunities, events, and attractions available in Alliance and throughout Box Butte County. Chelsie Herian, lead mentor and Box Butte Development Corporation Executive Director, is excited to see the county’s communities through the eyes of two college students. She believes that the Serviceship experience will further their mission to maintain, enhance, and diversify the economy of Box Butte County, Nebraska.

Host Team

  • Chelsie Herian (Lead)
  • Joni Jespersen
  • Pasha Korber-Gonzalez
  • Ellen Lierk
  • Tonya Mayer
  • Susan Unzicker


Haley Ehrke

Hometown: Orleans, NE
Campus: University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Major: Agribusiness

Mirissa Scholting

Hometown: Louisville, NE
Campus: University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Major: Agricultural Education

The Latest

June 8, 2018

It’s hard to believe that three weeks have gone by already! We have been very busy in Alliance working with the Box Butte Development Corporation to develop our video for the Marketing Hometown America Project for Box Butte County.

For the last three weeks, we have been meeting new people from Hemingford and Alliance, moved out of our host family’s house and into our duplex, worked on developing hashtags and our video project and volunteered at Carhenge.We have also spent some time in Hemingford working out of Mobius Communications-Hemingford Cooperative Telephone Company and have been in touch with businesses there as well. We plan to film more footage there in the upcoming weeks.

All Week Three Updates

May 25, 2018

The concept of our project is to create a Marketing Hometown America video to attract new residents to Box Butte County. We are also creating social media hashtags and providing input on websites that are involved with Box Butte County.

We have had a very busy first week. On Monday, we toured Alliance to get an idea of where everything was and met the people who work in our office. On Tuesday, we toured Hemingford, met many business owners and had a meeting. On Wednesday, we worked on hashtags and video ideas, had a meeting at the Knights Museum and Sandhills Center in Alliance and then had an afternoon meeting in our office. On Thursday, we had a meeting at First National Bank with the branch president and the president of First National Bank from Omaha, Clark Lauritzen. Then, we went to Chadron and had a meeting with the Western Nebraska Development Network. We also discussed the Alliance and Hemingford websites with our lead mentor Chelsie Herian. On Friday, we sat in on a talk with the Alliance Times-Herald and also visited with a storyteller about our project.

All Week One Updates