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We harness the intellectual energy of the University of Nebraska and its partners to positively impact the future of humankind.



We believe that for America to truly thrive, our rural residents and communities must thrive. We’ve learned that growing and sustaining a vibrant rural sector takes:

– Future-focused leadership and entrepreneurship

– Social as well as technological capital and connectedness

– The wise use of natural, agricultural and cultural resources

– Rich collaborations



Belief Statements

We believe in people’s capacity to shape their own futures.

We believe “communities” are not just localities, but also networked groups of individuals working together toward a common goal and shared purpose.

We believe “leaders” are known by their vision, ideas, energy, passion and engagement in collective action.

We believe “entrepreneurs” are individuals and communities that combine strategic foresight and grit to take action to reach their desired futures.

We believe diverse and inclusive leadership is needed to propel communities forward.

We believe our complex future requires mutual respect and collaboration between rural and urban regions and communities.




A thriving high-touch, high-tech future for rural Nebraska and the Great Plains by 2040.



Core Values

Future-Focus | We seek new possibilities at the intersection of strategic foresight, advancing technologies and what it means to be human.

Trust | We work with utmost character—integrity, reliability and fairness.

Respect | We recognize the value of all people and honor diverse perspectives.

Collaboration | We bring people and disparate ideas together to solve complex, interconnected problems.

Hopeful Grit | We value courageous perseverance, optimism and passionate confidence